A01. New Year, New Website


I am not new to the world of blogs. I have been blogging for more than a year now. I started the website ‘adisolanki.wordpress.com’ in December, 2013. I have posted more than 100 articles on it. But, adisolanki.wordpress.com was more like my rough notebook. I want this particular website to be my fair notebook.

I am a victim of my habits. The habit that has made me make this new blog is a habit that I have been a victim of for almost more than a decade. I happen to be a perfectionist and perfectionists are known to be irritating. I have a habit that irritates me as well but I have not been able to get rid of it because, to be honest, I have never attempted to get rid of it. I am not good at accepting flaws. If I am writing something on a piece of paper and if I make a minor mistake, I would tear the page and start writing the same thing on a fresh page instead. To a perfectionist, no mistake is minor. I like my work to be clean and perfect.

The perfectionist in me is making me do the same thing with my blog. If you visit adisolanki.wordpress.com, you will find every article written in bold letters. I wanted to change that but if some articles would have been written only in bold letters and some in ‘not-BOLD’ letters, then it would appear odd and thus, for that silly reason, I am starting with a new blog instead.

Well, that’s not the only reason but that’s one of the major reasons. The other reason is that, I wanted a better URL for my blog. I do not know if the current URL of this website is good but I find it better than ‘adisolanki.wordpress.com’. I know that I could just change the URL of my last website instead of making a new website but then, to be honest, this particular reason is not a reason but an excuse that I am using to make a new website. I am actually still thinking about a better URL.

Also, I want to start the New Year on a new page. But, since everything is getting digital now, I am starting the New Year on a new Website instead. I started this website for more than the reasons that I have mentioned above but, I am not able to remember them. That’s probably because those reasons are minuter than the ones that I have mentioned above.

If you’re reading this article, I want you to know that I will try my best to make this blog perfect but, I am not saying that it will be perfect. Please join this new journey with me.



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