A02. The Struggle for a Perfect Domain Name

When I started this website last night, its domain name was ‘ameteurblogger.wordpress.com’. I know that I have misspelled the word ‘amateur’ in the domain name and I did not realize that until I had posted my first article on it. Like I have mentioned in my last article, I am a perfectionist and no mistake is a minor mistake for a perfectionist.

I was finding it difficult to live with that mistake and thus, I decided to right my wrongs. I decided to change the domain name. The first option was to correct the spelling of the word ‘amateur’ but the domain name ‘amateurblogger.wordpress.com’ was already taken. That is what wordpress told me. Thus, I spent the night trying to find a perfect domain name for my blog.

I wanted a name that was easy to remember, something catchy. Also, I wanted the name to suit my blog. It was not an easy job as almost every domain name that I came up with was already reserved. There were a few domain names which were not reserved but they were not perfect for my blog. Thus, I kept on changing the domain name of my blog for hours.

Here’s a list of domain names that were already reserved:

  1. multipleshadows.wordpress.com
  2. ablogger.wordpress.com
  3. anamateurblogger.wordpress.com
  4. coloredsky.wordpress.com
  5. perfectlyimperfect.wordpress.com
  6. imperfectlyperfect.wordpress.com
  7. whitecoffee.wordpress.com
  8. randompath.wordpress.com
  9. randomroad.wordpress.com
  10. browneyed.wordpress.com
  11. flyingeagle.wordpress.com

Here’s a list of domain names that were available but were not good, as per me, for this blog:

  1. emptysocks.wordpress.com
  2. soakedsocks.wordpress.com
  3. scaredtiger.wordpress.com

These are the names that I remember. If I would remember all the names that were either reserved or unsuitable, the list of the domain names that are reserved would be 3 times longer than it currently is and the list of the domain names that are unsuitable would probably have three more names.

Before I fell asleep, the domain name of my blog was ‘scaredtiger.wordpress.com’ but I found it unsuitable. Thus, just a few hours ago, I finally came up with a name that is not reserved and is also, in my opinion, suitable.



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