A03. Why the name ANGEMONS?

I made my cousin read my last article. On reading it, he told me that the domain name of my blog was not as good as the names that I had rejected. I had to agree with him. The name ‘educatedtiger.wordpress.com’ was not at all catchy. At least, it was not catchy as the other names that I had come up with.

Tiredness often affects our creativity. The same had happen with me when I was struggling to come up with a good suitable domain name that was available. Therefore, though I could come up with numerous good domain names, eventually, the quality of the names that I was coming up with kept on diminishing. At the end, my mind decided to accept the last name that I had come up with without judging how good the name actually was.

After my cousin expressed his opinion on my domain name, I started to think of a better name that could replace my blog’s domain name. I did not want my blog’s domain name to be ‘educatedtiger.wordpress.com’ as even I did not like it. It was not because my cousin did not like it. Instead, I did not like the name from the beginning but I was not accepting that until my cousin expressed his opinion on it.

There is good and there is bad in all of us. Most of us are both good and bad. We get to choose between good and bad. I wanted a name that could describe this belief of mine. ‘goodandbad.wordpress.com’ was an option but the domain name sounded simpler than I wanted it to be.

While I was struggling to find a better domain name, my eyes fell on one of my favorite book that was nicely placed on my bookshelf. It was Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons. I love this book. It has helped me to understand several concepts of science and religion. The word ‘Angels’ represents the good and the word ‘Demons’ represents the bad. Therefore, I decided to merge these two words and that’s how came the word ‘Angemons’.

511tQsjGwML_400w So, from now on, my blog’s domain name is ‘angemons.wordpress.com’ and the word ‘angemons’ means Angels & Demons. Almost all of us are ‘angemons’. There is an angel and a devil in all of us. We choose who we want to be. We at times become an Angel and at times we choose to be a Demon. So, in future when you find this word in a dictionary, remember that it is I who created it. I am issuing no intellectual rights for it as of now.



Oh wait. I just searched for the word ‘ANGEMONS’ on Google and I found that ‘ANGEMONS’ are actually POKEMONS. I am no more the first creator of this name.  



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