A12. When I Visited PK’s Planet

There are times when random thoughts hit our mind out of the blue. Day before yesterday was one such time. While I was on my way to college, a scene from the Bollywood movie ‘PK’ flashed before my eyes. It’s the scene in which the character ‘PK’, played by actor Aamir Khan, and the character ‘Jaggu’, played by actress Anushka Sharma, are locked up behind the bars in a police station. PK tells Jaggu about his planet. He tells her about how beings on his planet communicate and what they wear. Me and PK 2

Above is an edited picture.

This made me imagine what different scenarios would look like at PK’s planet. Imagine how leaders of different States of PK’s planet would meet to discuss issues of importance. They would all sit together, naked, holding each other’s hands. If a human being would look at them, unless someone tells him/her what these being are up to, he/she would probably see these leaders as naked beings practicing meditation. aamir-khan-in-pk-peekay_1414057390190

Picture Source: greatbong.net

The beings at PK’s planet would probably be much more romantic than any human being is. Imagine a male being, at PK’s planet, proposing a female being. He would be sitting on his knees, holding her hands, while she would be intently looking into his eyes. The two would utter no word and yet, they would know how they feel about each other. If you want this scenario to be more romantic then add a full moon in the sky and imagine this couple in front of a water body. But, do not forget that these beings will be naked during this scenario as beings at PK’s planet do not wear clothes. A human being, unaware of how these beings communicate, would think that the eyes of these beings are communicating and he/she will probably assume that these beings are having a romantic moment after having sex. pk_650_122614062652

Picture Source: indiatoday.indiatoday.in

I’m of the opinion that these beings would be really good at sign language. Why? Well, I hope that they’ve at least developed a mechanism to communicate with each other when they cannot hold each other’s hands. Imagine a being like the character ‘Daya’ from the popular Indian TV series ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma’ who shouts from her apartment’s balcony just a few seconds after her husband steps out of the building to tell him something that she’d forgotten to tell him in person. She would have to rush downstairs to hold her husband’s hands if she does not know sign language. She cannot even call out her husband’s name from her apartment’s balcony as the beings of her planet do not speak. She would have to make some noise, somehow, to attract her husband’s attention. I wonder how the beings, of PK’s planet, with no hands would communicate with each other. Maybe they communicate with gestures. I believe that PK would’ve already taught Bhojpuri to the beings of his planet. Maybe that can help beings of PK’s planet, who have no hands, to communicate with each other. But first PK will have to figure out how he can transfer all his knowledge to these beings as he cannot teach them Bhojpuri without holding their hands. If you’re a kid, you would wish to be a being of PK’s planet as you would not have to go to school to learn things. At PK’s planet, kids hold the hands of the most knowledgeable beings to acquire all the knowledge that that most knowledgeable being has acquired after researching for years. But if you’re a lawyer, you would not want to be born at PK’s planet. I believe that the judges at PK’s planet hold the hands of the parties in dispute to resolve their issues. They do not even need a lie detecting machine. review-pee-kay-aya-hai-kya-1419317924-2669

Picture Source: www.samaa.tv

Also, a being at PK’s planet can probably communicate with whoever he/she wants to. All he/she has to do is hold the other being’s hands. They can communicate with every kind of beings. I’m assuming that because PK could communicate with human beings. If you can think of any other scenarios, please share it by commenting on this blog post. P.S.:- Astronauts will now have to learn Bhojpuri prior to they take a trip to PK’s planet.



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