A13. Habits Everyone Should Get Rid Of

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breakdown.”

Our habits can make, as well as, break us.

I often tell people that I would prefer to die than to be a slave. But, I’ve lately realized that I’m already a slave. I’m a slave to/of my habits. Thus, now I’m left with two options. I either have to die or stop being a slave to/of my habits.

I do not want to get rid of all of my habits. I do not want that because that would be stupid. While some of my habits are working against my good, some are actually working in the favor of my welfare. Thus, I’ve to let go some of my habits. In other words, I’ve to get rid of my bad habits.

Habits I want to get rid of:-

  1. Oversleeping

I sleep more than I should. While lack of sleep harms your body, so does excessive sleep. Also, apart from harming my health, I’ve missed numerous lectures and events because of oversleeping. I do not know when I’ll die. Thus, I do not wish to spend half of my day, and therefore half of my remaining life, in/on bed.


Picture Source: www.kickinthehead.org

  1. Staying up until late night

I’ve a habit of staying up until late in the night. I would not call it a bad habit but staying up until late is causing me more harm than good. On some days I go to bed when people in my country get out of bed. Since I’ve a schedule to follow, staying up until late ruins my schedule.


Picture Source: gifsec.com

  1. Wasting food

While many in our world do not have enough to eat, many like me waste food on a daily basis. The resources of our planet do not belong to me alone. Also, like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” Thus, I want to take only as many resources as I actually need.


Picture Source: www.treehugger.com

  1. Delaying more than I should

I’m who would try to catch a pen when it’s almost on the edge of the table instead of holding it when it starts rolling from the middle of the table. This habit of mine affects the quality of my work. Thus, I believe that it’s time to change that.


Picture Source: www.emlii.com

If I mention more than these habits, I’ll be perceived as a person who has more bad habits than good habits. To be honest, these are all the bad habits that I can remember and thus, these are the habits that I would want to get rid of for now. If you want me to get rid of any habit of mine, which is a bad habit in your opinion, please make me aware of it by commenting on this blog post. By doing so, you would help me to become a better individual.



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