A16. Bullying Unconsciously

Perfection is unattainable. But, we can always keep getting better.

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The human brain has limitations. We cannot remember and keep track of everything. Though almost all of us would agree with this, not all act accordingly. I know a lot about a few things and very little about numerous things but I should not expect everyone to know what I know. I’m a blogger but I do not know about everything that happens in the world of bloggers. Also, I should not expect non-bloggers to know about what happens in the world of bloggers. While what happens in the world of bloggers may interest me, I should not expect everyone to be interested in it. Even if it interests someone, I should not expect them to keep track of it in an obsessive manner.

A friend of mine has lately started to make me aware of things that he knows about but I don’t. If you think that that’s good then you should read further before you announce your opinion. He tries to make me feel stupid. He asks me if I know about something that he’s aware of. If I say/implicate that I do not know about it, he smirks. This does not end here. He does not even bother to enlighten me about what-he-knows-about-but-I-don’t. If I ask him to do that, he denies.


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He’s not the only one who does that. Even I used to do it with a friend of mine. But I didn’t just make him conscious of things that he didn’t know about. I also enlightened him unlike my friend who just makes me conscious of what I do not know about.

Often, when we notice that someone does not know something that we do, we start to treat them as if they’re idiots. But we treat them that way temporarily. We start to make them feel like an idiot on a permanent basis when we realize that there’s more than just one thing that they do not know about but we do. We start to bully them verbally. How? When we talk about certain issues, we would tell them that they obviously would’ve no knowledge of what we’re talking about. We would publicly point out things that they do not know about. We make fun of them.


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We do it to make them feel inferior but in the process we also make ourselves feel superior. When people bully others, they consciously or unconsciously do so to feel superior. I do not know if I verbally bully my friend to feel superior by making him feel stupid. Maybe I unconsciously do that. I do not know why my friend makes me feel stupid. I can see him becoming cynical. Maybe he does so to feel superior. I do not know why he/I make others feel stupid.

What I know is that now I’m conscious of what I’m doing to a friend of mine and thus, I should apologize to him for my actions. Also, I need to make sure that I, intentionally or unintentionally, do not make him feel stupid. If I’ve superiority-inferiority issues, I should deal with it on my own instead of making others suffer because of it. I hope that you can relate to this article. You might be a victim or a convict of verbal bullying. Maybe, like me, you’re both; a victim as well as a convict. Whichever you’re, let’s end bullying together.



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