A17. 26/03. India v. Australia.

Cricket has been ruling the hearts of Indians for ages now. It’s not just a game to Indians. I do not know what it’s but it certainly is not just a game to India. It’s a game that will excite all regardless of how interested they’re in the game. It unites India.


Picture Source: www.india.com

A cricket match against any nation fills India with the feeling of patriotism. Every cricket player representing India in a cricket match is made to feel like a soldier going to war. The ground is his battlefield and his opponents are his enemies. He’s in a do or die situation. The audience cheers as if their life depends on the match.

I do not play cricket. I’m neither a fan of cricket. I’m one of the few Indians for whom cricket is just a game. I’m one of the few who’s forced to watch cricket by the ones who are sitting in front of a television set with him when an important cricket match is aired. Emotions influence emotions. Thus, many-a-times, I’m filled with excitement when I see people showcasing their excitement for cricket.

March 26, 2015. India v. Australia. 

Everyone was excited about the cricket match. All who had to work on this day were labelled unlucky as they could not watch the match. But regardless of how busy everyone was, all kept a track of the score. While some spent their day tapping the refresh button on an application that informed them of the score, some glued their ears to a radio. Some kept asking everyone they came across about the score. Some didn’t move their eyes from their television set and the very lucky ones got seats at the venue of the cricket match. The excitement of the match was such that it sparked a conversation between numerous strangers.

At around 8 in the morning, my friend and I were on our way to the college that we’re studying in. He was upset because he would miss the beginning of the match. But he was glad that he’ll at least be able to watch the match. When we reached college, a classmate of mine informed us of who’d won the toss even though we’d not even asked him about it. A peon heard him saying something about the match and thus, he excitedly asked about who had won the toss. My friend informed him that India had lost the toss and Australia chose to bat first.


Picture Source: www.criclife.com

In the afternoon, I was sitting on an arm chair with a friend of mine in the corridor on the fifth floor of my college building and we were discussing about something that I’m working on. A peon looked and smiled at us while walking towards the staff room. We smiled back and he informed us of the score of the match even though we had not asked him about it.

Almost one or two hours later a friend of mine, who I’d studied with in school, called me up and asked me if my cousin was with me. My cousin loves to watch cricket and thus, my friend wanted to tease him about the way the Indian Cricket Team was performing. I told him that I’ll make my cousin call him up. He told me that India wasn’t performing well. He said that India had scored 90 runs and 2 of its players were already out.


Picture Source: mmgn.com

At around 4:30 in the evening, I was almost alone in my college’s library. There was no one except a librarian and a student I didn’t know. The librarian kept walking in and out of the library. She later asked the other student and me if we were not interested in cricket. I told her that I don’t watch cricket and she told me that I’m weird after giggling for a second or two. Soon, I realised that she’s walking in and out of the library again and again because she was checking the score of the match. After almost 15 minutes, when I was about to leave the library, a lady who takes care of the computer lab walked into the library. The librarian and she started to talk about how the Indian Cricket Team (or, like they said, ‘India’) was performing.

After almost 20 minutes, I boarded an auto rickshaw. The auto rickshaw driver was young. He was 5 years older than I am. He started to talk with me about the match. He assumed that I was interested in cricket like almost every Indian is. I didn’t reveal that I wasn’t actually interested in cricket. Instead, I commented on how India was performing on the basis of all that I’d heard so far and a few World Cup matches that I’d been forced to watch. He kept talking about the match and I replied with the little knowledge that I’d of the team’s performance. He turned on the radio and now it was the radio that talked about the Indian Cricket Team’s performance.

When I reached my Hostel, my mates were talking about the match and thus, I excitedly asked them about who’d won!



One thought on “A17. 26/03. India v. Australia.

  1. I am with you on this one!
    I got updates the entire day without having to ask at all.
    I was upset when India lost though.
    I know it was a big deal to everyone who followed sports. 😦


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