A19. Running Away from the World

Have you ever felt the urge of running away from the world for a while? I’m sure that you’ve. Almost everyone feels the urge to runaway from everyone and everything at least once in their lifetime. At least I’ve felt that urge.

While many wishes to runaway, how many actually do runaway? I’m sure that the ones who do runaway are very few in number. Probably just 1% of all who feels that urge goes with the urge.

5673113Last year, in December, my phone stopped functioning. As a result of this, I didn’t have a phone for almost a month. Some may feel sad when they do not have a phone. I didn’t. I wouldn’t say that I didn’t miss having a phone but don’t we miss our home a little when we’re on a vacation? If I was asked to describe how I felt while not having a phone for more than a month, I would say that it felt like I’d runaway from everyone and everything.

Maybe that sounds lame. But digital world is a world and so, I guess I did runaway from one of the worlds that we spend much of our time in. Though, I didn’t actually runaway. Neither was I pushed out. I would say that my car broke on the way to the world and thus, I’d to wait until a mechanic could repair it.

I was a phone addict until 2013. In May 2013 I broke the phone that I was using then. I didn’t have a phone for almost two months. I enjoyed those two months! They helped me to reflect on what phone addiction was costing me and thus, even after buying a new phone, I started to push myself away from my phone every time I would behave like a phone addict. I started occupying myself with other things to avoid spending much of my time on my phone. I do not believe in God but if I did, I would say that he/she takes away my phone from me for more than a week after very 3-5 months. That’s good as that’s the time when I get to pay attention to other things.

As a school boy I’d several spots that I would call or refer to as ‘my spot’. I would go to my spot every time I wanted to be alone. Actually, I went to my spot almost every alternate day. I’ve not found a spot in Mumbai yet. I wish to find one soon. Here, in Mumbai, when I want to be alone, I walk on the streets like a tourist. I get lost in the crowd.

So, the next time you want to runaway from everyone for a while, first turn off your phone. Maybe you can find a spot for yourself. Maybe you can runaway to a nearby island.

anigif_optimized-8947-1424408500-25 At times we’re the best company that we can offer ourselves. At times it’s good to spend time with yourself. At times it’s good to feel like the only person in the world. At times it’s good to have a world we can call ours; only ours!



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