A20. Who’s This Person?

The land beneath your bare feet is soft, wet and black. You’re standing still and yet you can feel your feet pressing against the sand as if they’re getting deeper into the sand every second. A wave of water comes rushing towards you and touches the fingers of your bare feet. You quickly lift your right feet and when you’ve almost taken a step back, you instead place your feet where it previously was. The water is cold but you want to feel it instead of running away from it. The warm rays of the sun touch the uncovered portion of your chest. A gentle smile sparks on your face as you lift your head with your eyes closed to feel the warmness of the sun. As you open your eyes, you realize that the sun is not too bright for your naked eyes. Your mind opens the doors of your ears to let in the voice of the chirping birds. The amber color of the sun fills you with joy. Just then, you feel the warmth of someone’s palm against the palm of your right hand. You can feel the fingers of someone rubbing against the side of your fingers as they find a way through the space between your fingers as if they’re too familiar with this space. You look towards this person when your eyes fall on the red shirt carefully folded until the joint of such person’s arms. You look up. Who’s this person?

I’m interested to know how this blog post made you feel. I want to know when, while reading this blog post, you felt the most excited, when you felt warmest and when you felt happiest! Please do share how you felt in the comment section below.



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