A23. The Tar Making Factory

He impatiently pulled his father’s jersey with one hand while pointing his right hand’s finger at a man standing in a corner, “Dad!”

The father, standing on the footpath holding several plastic bags, looked down at his three year old son.

“Dad, what is been manufactured in that factory?”

“That is not a factory” the father giggled, “that’s a man!”


“No Dad. Jack told me that only factories emit smoke.”

The father saw that that man was smoking a cigarette. “Jack is indeed correct. That’s a tar making factory.”

“Oh. But … What do they do with the tar Dad?”

“Well, they produce poison for their personal consumption.”

“What does that mean?”

The father moves his fingers through his son’s hair, holds his hand and starts walking. The boy turns around and sees the tar making factory holding a lighter and burning some raw material that he has just removed from a packet to emit some more smoke.



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