A26. Four Coffee Cups; A Tale of Simple Pleasures

Two acquaintances and a friend of mine had come to Mumbai over a year ago with the mere intention of having a jolly good time. They arrived in Mumbai early in the morning. One of them was willing to visit the Mt. Mary Church in Bandra and thus, I took them there. Since we weren’t accustomed to the ways of Christians, we copied those who were present in the church. I wasn’t sure about being an atheist then and therefore, I, with them (friend and acquaintances), joined my hands and talked to the Almighty Imaginary God. After a little session of observing people and paintings, we walked down the lane to sip coffee at a café by the sea front.funny-pictures-comics-eatthattoast-coffee-capucchino

While we were sipping coffee, a poor shirtless kid kept observing us. He was a beggar. He had a big white bag with him. I’d to resist the urge of donating money to him as I’m been told that such money eventually reaches the hands of the masters of these beggars and these masters waste such money on alcohol and drugs. Whenever I come across beggars, I buy them food instead of giving them money. Thus, when we were leaving the café, I asked the boy if he wanted to eat something. He neither asked for money nor food. We realized that he wanted our coffee cups and thus, we handed over our plastic coffee cups to them.

We crossed the lane and when I looked back out of sheer curiosity, I saw the kid licking the inside of the coffee cups. A group of kids ran towards him. They were his friends. He announced to them that there was chocolate in the cups. He was happy.

While most of us spend much of our life in searching for happiness in luxurious houses and expensive cars, some are able to find happiness in the simple pleasures of life. While most fail to differentiate between materialistic and real happiness, some enjoy the touch of even the hot rays of the sun and a drop of water! Only some dream to touch the sky with their feet still on Earth.

I doubt if I’ll ever meet this boy again. Even if I do, I may not be able to recognize him. But if there’s God, I wish that He/She gives this boy all the opportunities to rise and shine!



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