A28. Your 500 Billion Dollars

What would you do if someday, out of the blue, 500 Billion USD (US Dollars) pops up into your personal bank account? Think about it.

This is an important question. I asked the same question to three of my colleagues (all interns). One didn’t want to think about it as he thought that it’s something that can never happen. I told him that imagination is not bound my possibility but that couldn’t convince him. When I insisted him to think about what he’ll do with such money, he said that he’ll donate some of the money and with the rest he’ll buy numerous luxurious things like palaces and cars. My other colleague told me that she’d spend all the money on shopping. My third colleague said that she too would spend much of the money on clothes, shoes and on buying numerous other luxurious things.

The one thing in common about all these three people was that neither of them thought much about what they’ll actually do with 500 Billion Dollars. All of them took my question as a joke. That was obvious though!

But why is this question important?

Steve Jobs said that he could never understand the value of money as initially he had no money but when he got money, he got a lot of it! I often tell people that I do not understand the value of money and that I never want to understand its value. Actually, I do understand its value; I just don’t value money as much as most people do.

Humans gave value to money but now money gives value to humans. That’s ironic and funny but also depressing. Money plays an important role in the decisions that people make these days. I’m interested in knowing if the choices of people would be the same if they didn’t take money into consideration.

If someday you’d have 500 Billion USD in your bank account, you wouldn’t take money into consideration while making decisions. Initially the charm of money will lure you but eventually you’ll stop bothering about money. If your current life choices would stay the same even after you’ve a lot of money, then your choices aren’t actually governed by money. Otherwise, money owns your life choices.

So, the more important question is, do you want to spend your youth in earning money that you can later spend on paying your hospital bills when you get old? Or, do you want to live while you’re young? You can either survive or live; the choice is yours!


Someday, if I’ve A LOT OF MONEY, if not 500 Billion USD then maybe 50 Million USD will pop up out of the blue in your personal bank account. But that’d happen only because I’d want to see if money governs your choices. Until then, remember that time is more valuable than money is. Utilize the time that you’ve until you breathe for the last time.



2 thoughts on “A28. Your 500 Billion Dollars

  1. Aditya brother dat was really a witty question to think upon !!
    Your article was indeed a great matter of concern and I feel I am pondering upon it to change my life too , adding the importance of time and not the money instead


    1. I’ve taken a long time to reply to your comment. I’m sorry for that. I’m glad that my post could influence your thoughts. Money is often seen as an important ingredient of life but I think that it should be seen just as a tool to life. 😀


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