The Egregious Improprieties of Judge Gorcyca of Oakland County Family Court

An Open Letter to Citizens of Michigan

On June 24th, three children were taken out of Judge Lisa Gorcyca’s courtroom in handcuffs to be kept at Mandy’s Place, a detention facility for criminal and abused children. They were detained there for weeks. The Judge told the children that they would be peeing in front of others, that they would be kept apart from their siblings and not able to see their mom. The Judge told them that they could expect to attend school there and to be incarcerated until they were 18. Please view the transcript: Transcript_here.

Over ten thousand people signed an online petition to remove Gorcyca from the bench.

News reports about Gorcyca’s ruling went international, with some outlets receiving nearly 3,000 comments expressing disbelief, shock, and outrage for the children.

Only after the world got wind of what Gorcyca had done in her court did she decide to reassign the children…

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