A29. “Alas! I can still feel something; I’m still a human.”

He removed a glass of wine from one of the drawers in the kitchen and wiped it with a dark blue silk cloth. He placed it on a small glossy wooden table in the living room next to a bottle of wine and a music player. The lighting in the room was already dim and the night was gloomy. He removed his overcoat, unbuttoned his suit and sat down onto a leather covered dark green sofa chair with his back straight and legs crossed. As he looked outside the window of his apartment, his eyes caught the glimpse of an old man crossing the road with his beloved old lady.


The ache in his back made him slide down and he allowed the back of his head to relax on the soft surface of the sofa. He slipped his fingers through the smooth surface of his trouser’s pocket and removed a pen drive that he had found in the mud near the dead body of one fellow named Dr. Smith. He plugged the pen drive into the music player, poured some wine into the shinny glass and relaxed on the sofa with his eyes closed. After a few seconds, while his eyes were still closed, he pressed a button on the music player and his hand reached out for the wine glass. As the side of one of his finger rubbed against the familiar surface of the glass, the music player giggled. He picked up the glass and rested his arm on the arm of the sofa chair. A lady said, “You’re fond of my taste in music and thus, honey, this is a collection of some of my favorite songs for you. Love, Zara.”

While the music player was playing the kind of songs that he despised, he wondered if Zara was someone Smith was lately sleeping with. Zara’s taste in music could depress even a man who’s on Cloud 9! As he gazed out of his apartment’s window, he saw the night getting darker and the crowd on the street getting thinner. The wine slowed down his thought process and the sad songs about lost love only bored him but he was feeling too lazy to even shut down the music player. As the clocked kept ticking, the wine in the bottle kept decreasing.

The night was cold. Eventually, Zara had her effect on him. The wine, silence of the night and the warmth of the burning wood only made him feel lonelier than he ever felt! As he kept listening to the love songs on Zara’s collection, he tried hard to remember someone he could miss while listening to these songs and sipping wine. In this moment, he wanted to miss someone; he wanted to feel something for someone. But he could remember none who had flicked his heart enough to be missed on such lonely night. Apparently, he was the renowned detective who was known for having no emotions.

He recalled how one news reporter had once asked him if he even has a heart. He walked towards the burning wood, bowed down and placed his finger in the fire. As he did so, he pulled out his finger immediately and sucked it to soothe the pain. Soon, he giggled and said with a sarcastic smile, “Alas! I can still feel something; I’m still a human.”



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