A31. Soul Mate

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

He was going to meet her today after years. A decade had probably passed since he last saw her. She was carrying a heavy carton to her car. He was on his way to school. She called out his name when she saw him but he was still angry about what she’d told him. He had noticed that her car was filled with luggage. His parents had told him that she was moving with her family to Bangalore.

With time, he forgot why he was upset with her. All he remembered was the fun that he had with her. He was a geek and so was she. Their obsessions were the same. He didn’t have many friends and she was bored of the conversations that her girlfriends were interested in. He loved her taste in comic books and she loved his taste in animated cartoons; this is how his obsessions became hers and her obsessions became his.

The first time he had interacted with her after she moved to Bangalore was 5 years ago. The social media is infamous for connecting old friends and thus, he took the aid of Facebook to connect with her. Neither of them talked about the fight that they’d had as pre-teens. He would message her whenever she would be online and she would leave messages in his inbox whenever he was offline.

In their late teenage years, she would bore him with her stories of how her boyfriends were and he would irritate her with questions about how to impress women. He was studying to be an Aeronautical Engineer even though he wanted to be an animator instead and she was studying literature. She would send him comic strips, poems and short stories. He would send her animated science-fiction video clips.

When her grandmother died, he had stayed awake with her and had consoled her by talking to her over the phone. Much of the time he had stayed silent on the phone and had listened to her sobs. He tried his silly jokes on her and though she didn’t find his jokes funny, she giggled because he was trying to make her laugh.

When he could not gather enough courage to tell his parents that he wants to be an animator, she stood by his side like a pillar and had pushed him enough to make him do what was necessary for him. When his mother objected to his career choices, she had made her mother talk to his mother to persuade his mother to allow him to chase his dreams.

He was eagerly waiting for her. They’d decided to meet to watch an animated movie. She was running late. He was impatient and thus he entered the cinema hall without her. She entered the cinema hall 20 minutes after the movie had started. When she sat next to him, he didn’t even look at her. Perhaps, he was engrossed in the movie. She placed her hand over his and he was taken aback.

He looked at her with surprise and she laughed with delight. The two sat before the cinema hall screen for 2 hours, not watching a movie but talking about random stupid things; after all, they were meeting after a decade! On their way out of the cinema hall, she announced, “You, my friend, are my soulmate!”


He laughed. The two spent hours at a café talking about random things. She remembered why he was upset the day she was moving to Bangalore. Apparently, she had told him that his favorite superhero looked like one of her Barbie dolls. She was just teasing him then and that had lead to a quarrel.

After having dinner, at 10, she dropped him at his house. He stepped out of the car, bent down at the windowsill, looked into her eyes and said with a nervous smile, “I don’t know about soulmates but you’re certainly the best of all the friends that I’ve ever had!”



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