A33. An Overheard Advice

Almost a year ago, I was walking with my friends at Carter Road, Bandra. A group of 3 women passed by us. I, unintentionally, overheard one of them giving an advice to the other two women who were walking with her. Here’s what she said:

If you’ve friends you can cry in front of, preserve them!



2 thoughts on “A33. An Overheard Advice

    1. Thank you for nominating me. I do not accept nomination for awards. But here are 7 Facts about me:
      1. I’m an atheist.
      2. I’m not religious but I’m spiritual.
      3. I believe that we’re moving towards making of a World Government.
      4. I’m interested in human mind and behavior.
      5. I want to understand emotions without feeling them.
      6. Empathy is the most powerful emotion in my opinion.
      7. Most people are career oriented. I’m life oriented.

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