A38. Tale of a Mother’s Love

We all are familiar with at least one tale of what love makes people do. The love of a mother for her child is regarded as the purest form of love and it’s been believed that a mother can go to any extent for the protection and welfare of her child! This blog post is about a recent incident that took place in my neighborhood; an incident that showcases the love of a particular mother for her child.

In my hometown, in an apartment in the building which is in front of my house, a woman was taking bath when her child, who’s barely one or two years old, latched the door of the bathroom from the other side. There was no one in the apartment except the child and her mother. When the woman realized that she was locked in the bathroom, she made every effort to break the door of the bathroom. Her daughter, on noticing that her mother was trying to get out of the bathroom, tried to unlatch the door. When her tiny fingers could not unlatch the door, she sat down on the floor and started to cry.

The woman could find no way to get out of the bathroom. When she heard some noise from the bathroom of the apartment which is right below her apartment, she yelled for help. At that moment she must’ve felt relieved as she could see a way to get out of the bathroom. Unfortunately, her neighbor is too cruel and thus, she denied to help. Instead, she shouted at her and commanded her to shut her mouth and quietly stay locked in the bathroom.

When the woman’s husband and the child’s father came home in the afternoon for lunch, he decided to have lunch at a restaurant when no one opened the main door of the apartment even after he knocked the door several times. He assumed that his wife and child are asleep. He’s probably kind and understanding as he thought that his wife must be tired and therefore, he chose to have lunch at a restaurant instead of at his house.

The woman was locked in the bathroom for five hours: that’s from 11 in the morning until 4 in the evening. She could hear her daughter crying and every time her daughter would stop crying, she assumed that her child is asleep. But her daughter wouldn’t stay silent for a long duration. Thus, after five hours, concern and love took control of her mind. She removed the glass panes of the bathroom’s window: one at a time.

Her apartment is on the fourth floor of the building she resides in. When she’d removed all the glass panes of the window, she poked her head out of the window and the rest of her body followed her head out of the window. She was hanging on a pipe and she started to slowly slide her body on the surface of the pipe. She was afraid to fall but her fear could not overpower her love and concern for her daughter. When she’d reached the first floor of the building, she realized that the pipe was connected only until the first floor of the building and thus, she’d to jump from the first floor if she wanted to reach the ground. Beneath her were numerous sharp stones. She was barefoot.

She jumped onto the stones and the sharp stones pierced through her skin. Despite the pain, she wasted no time to rush to the guard of the building and asked him to jump into the balcony of her apartment from the terrace of the building in order to open the main door of her house from inside the apartment. The guard acted immediately.


I do not know how the mother and her child would’ve reacted when the two would’ve seen each other after the guard would’ve opened the main door of the woman’s apartment. Maybe the daughter would’ve stopped crying immediately and would’ve rushed towards her mother. Maybe the mother would’ve tightly hugged her daughter. How the two reacted is left to my imagination.

I applaud the bravery of this woman. Such is her love for her daughter that she didn’t mind risking her life for her daughter. Perhaps, a mother’s love for her child is actually the purest form of love!



PS: The above blog post was written almost one year ago.



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