A39. Real Life or Reel Life?

Social media claims to bring people closer. As true as that maybe in the case of some people, it’s equally true that social media is increasing distance between people. I wouldn’t blame the social media for that though as it’s the addiction of people to social networking sites that’s increasing the distance between them and their loved ones.

I recently met some of my friends from school after almost four years. I was excited to meet them. I wanted to know them: the changes that they’d gone through and the person that they’d evolved into after I last met them. I wanted to have fun with them but in the process I wanted to learn new things about them. After all, they’re my friends and if I do not make attempts to know them they might soon become just acquaintances!


Sadly, of all the time that I spent with them, most was spent on booze and photographs. Initially I didn’t mind when they invited me to click a picture with them but eventually that started to irritate me. I did not want to meet them to click pictures with them; I wanted to meet them to get to know the person that they’d become. On a few occasions I got to look through their cracks and on those moments I was happy as, in those moments, I could at least know something about them.

On the last day of my trip with them, I felt lonely even though I was in a room full of people I had studied with in school. Everyone was lost in booze and clicking photographs with each other. One of my friends remarked that nothing had changed in either of us except our physical features. That’s not true though. Everyone changes as a person with time.

By the end of our trip, all that we’re left with is photographs. I would want to believe that I’ve brought along memories of moments but now that I look back, I’ve not really brought anything major with me. Maybe people today are looking at our pictures on social networking sites and wondering that we all had a great time but what we had is a great photo shoot!


We need to start condemning social media addiction just as much as we condemn addiction of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. We need to choose real life over reel life before our life comes to an end.




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