A40. Why Still Single?

I love Sherlock Holmes. I would go far enough to say that I look up to him. He maybe unreal but he’s portrayed in a believable manner. I believe that a character like him could actually exist. I like the way Benedict Cumberbatch presents the character of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock. I also like the way Robert Downey Jr. presents Sherlock Holmes in the Sherlock Holmes movies.

I like Gabriel Macht’s portrayal of Harvey Specter in Suits. I like Jim Parsons’s portrayal of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. I like Stephen Amell’s portrayal of Oliver Queen in Arrow.

I look up to Steve Jobs. He was obsessed with simplicity and perfection. He seldom cared about money. He cared about the experience that his customers would have when they shall use the products made by the company that he founded. I think that a conversation on Design Thinking is incomplete without the reference of Steve Jobs. For him, the word impossible actually meant “I’m possible”.

If we look at all these characters that I like and look up to, you’d see that they’re either emotionally damaged or incapable of understanding romance. Their history suggests that they find it difficult to stay in a stable relationship. Some of them are just too rational to be passionately mad in love. Some are just insecure and they find safety in being alone.

IMG_20160205_021130_editI found this poem on Instagram. I’m unaware of who the author of this poem is.

Psychology suggests that we, consciously or subconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly, imitate people we like. Chris Paley, in Unthink, suggests that the people who believe that they shall be single forever are likely to stay single forever.

Conclusion? Well, connect the dots. My taste and preferences are a portrayal of who I’m as a person. I look up to these characters that I’ve been talking about in this blog post either because I can relate to them or because I want to be them. Whichever it’s, it explains why I’m single.

Isn’t it amazing how such small details together shape our character? Please do comment and share your opinion. You shall find the comment box if you care to scroll down.




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