A41. Why I Follow Back?

Most people are willing to be on the stage but very few are willing to be in the audience. We want people to listen to us but we’re unwilling to listen to what others have to say. We want to express ourselves in public, we want people to see us for who we’re but we’re unwilling to be the public that sees others express themselves and we’re unwilling to see people for who they’re.

Most people complain that no one really knows them. If everyone is going to be on the stage at once, how can all have an audience? Also, why is an audience always expected to be the audience and why can a performer not be an audience?

Social media has become our voice today. Every time a blogger follows my blog, I follow his/her blog. Every time a twitter user follow my twitter account, I follow his/her account. I do the same on Instagram. I follow my followers because I think that I owe it to them.


When I listen to what others have to say, I expect them to listen to me. Therefore, when someone listens to what I’ve to say, I make sure that I listen to what they’ve to say. How can I expect others to read or see my posts if I’m unwilling to read or see their posts?

I put in efforts to maintain this blog and so do other bloggers. Therefore, when other bloggers find time to read my posts, I think that I too should find time to read their posts. In the process, often, I’m able to connect with people and make new friends. Friends are always better than fans, aren’t they?




NOTE: I follow most accounts that follow me, not all. If you follow my account, I’d follow you if I consider you worthy of my attention.


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