A43. Even a Healer needs Healing

As he parked his car in the parking lot of the Hospital, a crowd, which had been standing outside the entrance of the Hospital for several hours now, came rushing towards him. He stepped out of the car, with bloodstains on his white coat, and a bloody arm. He was shivering on a sunny day, sweat drenching from his forehead. An old man grabbed his bloody arm, he cried in pain but the old man ignored.

Someone in the crowd said, “Doctor, you’re here. My daughter will be saved now!”

Another voice said, “Doctor, my wife’s been sick for over a week now!”

A child pulled his shirt and said, “Doctor Uncle, my father is admitted in your hospital. Please save him.”

The voices didn’t keep quiet. He ignored them all and started to walk towards the Hospital. Everyone paved the way for him for they all wanted something from him. As he reached the entrance door of the building, a beautiful lady opened the door for him and said, “Doctor, my mother…” She started to cry and the Doctor walked ahead.

A nurse came rushing towards him and he took a sigh of relief. He thought that she’d clean his wound and eventually stitch it. He assumed that she’d relieve him of his pain, that she would heal him. As she reached near him, she said, “Doctor, everyone has been waiting for you. Please come with me to the operation theater, you need to take care of numerous patients today.”

The Doctor followed the nurse, ignoring the voices of people around him, constantly staring at his bloody arm that everyone was ignoring. As he entered the operation theatre, he attempted to tell the nurse that he was injured but she paid no attention to his words. He was handed over several tools and was expected to perform a surgery. He told himself, “Your wounds can be healed later, let’s take care of the wounds of others at this moment.” After thirty minutes, he exited the operation theatre after successfully performing a surgery. A man in his mid-thirties came rushing towards him and expressed his gratitude.

He was thirsty but he was pulled into another room where an old woman was lying on bed, waiting for medical attention. He checked her body temperature, read her pulse and prescribed her certain medicines. He was again pulled into another room where he was expected to perform another surgery. His arm kept bleeding, his pain kept increasing but he kept telling himself that he can take care of his wound after he takes care of the wounds of others.

After being pulled from one room to another for hours, he was exhausted. Every time someone touched his arm, he cried in pain but everyone ignored his pain. He was frustrated. An old man pulled him by his sleeve, attempting to take him to another room to take care of another patient. He pushed the old man away and looked angrily at everyone around me.

“I’ve been working for hours now. I need rest.”

A voice in the crowd said, “Who do you think you’re? Get down from your high horse!”

“I’m injured. I need medical attention.”

Another voice in the crowd said, “You’re so egoistic!”

“I cannot heal the wounds of others anymore until I heal my own wounds.”

Another voice in the crowd said, “You’re selfish!”


The Doctor rushed towards his cabin and locked the door of the cabin from the inside immediately after having entered the cabin. He sat down on the floor, his back against the door. People on the other side of the door kept knocking the door. Everyone abused him, judged him, and misinterpreted him. The Doctor kept sobbing, hoping that someone would knock the door to help him instead of to ask for his help.

When he got tired of the voices criticizing him, he shouted at them, “Can you not understand that sometimes, even a Healer needs healing?”

The voices on the other side of the door got quiet. The Doctor took a sigh of relief. After a minute, a voice said, “You’re only manipulating us!” and the voices resumed to criticizing him.





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