A45. Stored in the Brain for Further Processing

“Atticus said that Jem was trying hard to forget something, but what he was really doing was storing it away for a while, until enough time passed. Then he would be able to think about it and sort things out. When he was able to think about it, Jem would be himself again.”

-To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Most writers are good observers and therefore, they do observe a good bit about human behavior. I think that the above paragraph from the book To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee says a good bit about human behavior. At least I can relate to it.


When we’re overwhelmed by an event, we find it difficult to rationally process such event and perhaps therefore we distance ourselves from such event so that it does not interfere with our day-to-day routine and we can rationally process it when the time is right. While most of us do it unknowingly, some of us do it knowingly. It probably is one of the many coping mechanisms that our mind engages in.

I find this fascinating and therefore, I’m sharing it on my blog.

PS: Even Sherlock Holmes (or, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) says that we must not come to conclusions until we’ve all the data.




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