A46. What Should She Do?

She resides in a palace of illusions.

The crown that she wears is imaginary.


He breaks her glass walled Kingdom.

He’s extending his hand to invite her into a new world;

He’s asking her to step out of her comfort zone.

He’s calling her to a world where she shall have no identity;

Without an identity, she shall be free.


He’s inviting her to explore what she’s never explored.

A world in which her jewels shall be her scars instead of diamonds.

A world in which experiences shall be her teachers instead of books.

This world will amaze her just as much as it shall scare her.

Here, she’ll be closer to the truth than she’s ever been.


She stands there, wondering if he can be trusted.

Her’s is a world she knows and thus, it does not excite her anymore.

If she stays in her world, she shall be safe.

He looks like an adventure she’s always read about in books.

Should she hold his hand and enter an unknown territory?



PS: This is probably the worst poem that you would’ve ever read. I do not write poems. Why am I posting the poem online when I know that it’s not good? Ah, well, this is one of the few poems that I’ve ever written and thus, good or bad, I’m going to take pride in it anyway. 😉


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