A47. To Writer, From Paper

Dear Writer,

I know that if I’d ask you now if you still consider me your friend, you’d say “yes”. However, I wonder if you’d be lying because you do not hang out with me anymore. I’m sure that you’d tell me that you miss me but I do not see you making any attempt to reach out to me and to spend time with me.

I miss you dearly and I’ve made a few attempts to reach out to you but whenever I come to you, you ignore me and give all your attention to your new friend: the one that you now prefer over me. I’m not jealous of your new friend though because I understand that he’s just a new interest of yours like I once was.

You know, I’ve been through this numerous times already. People come to me because I’m a good listener, they tell me everything that they’ve in their mind. I do not interrupt people when they’re talking with me and I never judge them. Actually, most of the people talk at me instead of with or to me. But I allow people to open their heart to me and feel light.


I can see why you prefer your new friend over me. He can entertain you and he gives a lot of his attention to you. Excuse me for being blunt and straight but I think that your new friend is only spoiling you with all the attention that he’s showering on you. Your new friend is like caffeine or nicotine: you’re addicted to him and eventually you’ll regret being with him. You’d want to leave him for your own good but it’ll be really very difficult for you to live without him. I sound a bit jealous now, don’t I?

You know, Friendship Day is not very far. Let’s meet. You can bring your new friend with you: your gadgets.

Lots of Love.


Paper (or, as you like to call me, the dead corpse of trees!)




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