A42. Do I Believe in Reincarnation?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Karma Chameleon”

Soul is believed to be a form of energy. Science suggests that energy can neither be formed nor can it be destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.

I’ve never seen ghosts but I’ve heard stories of people seeing humans who are dead already. The ‘already dead humans’ aren’t seen in the human form though. If death is the end then I do not see why reincarnation is needed. However, many people believe that only bodies die, not souls. Actually, even if death is not the end, I cannot understand the purpose of reincarnation: the never-ending cycle of life and death.


Most people would like to believe that there’s something beyond life and death. I once was afraid that death is the end and that there’s nothing beyond it. However, the way I now see it, life is the start and death is the end. I’d like to believe that there’s an end.

People value money more than they value time. If time would play the role of money like it did in the movie ‘In Time’, maybe people would value time more than they value pieces of paper and metals that they refer to as money. I think that at the end of life, most people realize that all their life, they’ve spent time, not money.

In the book Paper Towns, John Green, through the character Margo Roth Spiegelman, suggests that people valued life more when the lifespan of humans was shorter than it is now. It’s more like money: when you’ve a lot of money, you do not base your life choices on money. Similarly, when you’ve a lot of time, you do not base your life choices on the time you’ve to live.


Do I believe in reincarnation? Maybe we’re only transformed from one form to another, we never actually die. However, I’m still undecided on my opinion on reincarnation. I do not want to form an opinion before I’ve all the required data to come to a conclusion and I certainly do not have enough data until now.




A32. Let Out the Child in You!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store.”

She kept running around the restaurant. She had her shoes on her hands and she kept clapping with her shoes. She would run towards her mother and then away from her. All the while, she kept laughing. She was full of energy; full of life! She was oblivious of what people thought about her; she was lost in her happiness. She was a child who was barely 3 years old.

I’m often amazed by how even small things amaze kids. They get excited by seeing their reflection in a mirror, seeing what the touch of their finger would do to a touch-screen phone, the beauty of a flower and the playfulness of a cat. They find happiness in the small pleasures of life.

People often kill the child in them because to them, that’s what growing up is all about. An adult is often too worried about what people around him/her would think about him/her and it’s that which governs his/her choices and actions. Children often stop watching cartoons even though they love watching cartoons because their family members expect them to behave like adults and, as per the popular stereotype, adults do not watch cartoons. We resist the desires of the child in us to please the people around us.

But life keeps throwing opportunities at us to bring out the child in us. A father/mother gets to let out the child in him/her when he/she is with his/her baby boy/girl. A grandparent gets to behave like kids do when he/she is around his/her grandchildren. An adult lets out the child in him/her when he/she is with children.


I remember walking into a children’s park one morning in Dadar, Mumbai in the month of May/June. My brother had to take an entrance test and thus I’d brought my brother to Mumbai that day. With me were numerous adults who were accompanying their sibling(s)/offspring(s). While the ones who we were accompanying were taking an exam in a school, we waited for them in a nearby park. The park was divided into two sections; one for adults and the other for kids. As I was sitting on a bench in the children’s park, observing kids and clicking pictures of random things, I saw two adults walking up to one of the many rides that were in the children’s park. These adults would be in there 30s and it looked like they were trying to relive their childhood.

IMG_20150607_100521IMG_20150607_102003_editIMG_20150607_092325IMG_20150607_093138Adulthood is not about being serious all the time. It’s about being mature. Maturity and adulthood are two different concepts that are twisted together. While you do not have to be an adult in order to be mature, you neither have to kill the child in you to be mature. Do not wait for opportunities at which you’ll be around kids. You do not need the company of kids to behave the way kids do. Do not confuse the word ‘kid’ with the word ‘immature’. Let small things amaze you, find happiness in the small pleasures of life and live in the moment; Carpe Diem!


*Above are some of the pictures which I clicked at a Park in Dadar, Mumbai.

A31. Soul Mate

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

He was going to meet her today after years. A decade had probably passed since he last saw her. She was carrying a heavy carton to her car. He was on his way to school. She called out his name when she saw him but he was still angry about what she’d told him. He had noticed that her car was filled with luggage. His parents had told him that she was moving with her family to Bangalore.

With time, he forgot why he was upset with her. All he remembered was the fun that he had with her. He was a geek and so was she. Their obsessions were the same. He didn’t have many friends and she was bored of the conversations that her girlfriends were interested in. He loved her taste in comic books and she loved his taste in animated cartoons; this is how his obsessions became hers and her obsessions became his.

The first time he had interacted with her after she moved to Bangalore was 5 years ago. The social media is infamous for connecting old friends and thus, he took the aid of Facebook to connect with her. Neither of them talked about the fight that they’d had as pre-teens. He would message her whenever she would be online and she would leave messages in his inbox whenever he was offline.

In their late teenage years, she would bore him with her stories of how her boyfriends were and he would irritate her with questions about how to impress women. He was studying to be an Aeronautical Engineer even though he wanted to be an animator instead and she was studying literature. She would send him comic strips, poems and short stories. He would send her animated science-fiction video clips.

When her grandmother died, he had stayed awake with her and had consoled her by talking to her over the phone. Much of the time he had stayed silent on the phone and had listened to her sobs. He tried his silly jokes on her and though she didn’t find his jokes funny, she giggled because he was trying to make her laugh.

When he could not gather enough courage to tell his parents that he wants to be an animator, she stood by his side like a pillar and had pushed him enough to make him do what was necessary for him. When his mother objected to his career choices, she had made her mother talk to his mother to persuade his mother to allow him to chase his dreams.

He was eagerly waiting for her. They’d decided to meet to watch an animated movie. She was running late. He was impatient and thus he entered the cinema hall without her. She entered the cinema hall 20 minutes after the movie had started. When she sat next to him, he didn’t even look at her. Perhaps, he was engrossed in the movie. She placed her hand over his and he was taken aback.

He looked at her with surprise and she laughed with delight. The two sat before the cinema hall screen for 2 hours, not watching a movie but talking about random stupid things; after all, they were meeting after a decade! On their way out of the cinema hall, she announced, “You, my friend, are my soulmate!”


He laughed. The two spent hours at a café talking about random things. She remembered why he was upset the day she was moving to Bangalore. Apparently, she had told him that his favorite superhero looked like one of her Barbie dolls. She was just teasing him then and that had lead to a quarrel.

After having dinner, at 10, she dropped him at his house. He stepped out of the car, bent down at the windowsill, looked into her eyes and said with a nervous smile, “I don’t know about soulmates but you’re certainly the best of all the friends that I’ve ever had!”


A22. The One Book, Movie and Blog Post That Explains What Humans Are All About.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worldly Encounters.”

The friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial I run into outside my house is asking me to recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do I pick?

If I’ve to pick a movie, I would pick The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s a movie that, in my opinion, everyone should watch. If humans could be synonyms to English words, the protagonist of this movie would be a synonym of the English word ‘empathy’. I want to write more about this movie but if you’ve already seen this movie then you already know what it’s about and if you’ve not seen it, I would not want to spoil the surprise!

If I’d to pick a book, I would pick Chris Paley’s Unthink. It’s a book on psychology. It talks about the human brain and human behavior. What else can best explain what humans are all about if not a book on the human brain and human behavior? It’s a book that I’m currently reading and I would probably be carrying it with me when I would run into such friendly extraterrestrial but I wouldn’t give it to him/her. I do not like to giveaway books.

If I’d to pick a blog post, I would pick a blog from www.psychologytoday.com. Here’s a link to it: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/darwins-subterranean-world/201503/10-things-your-psychology-professors-want-you-know. I would pick this blog post for its point #1. The best part of the point #1 of this blog post is, “Evil is not a characteristic of people – rather, it is a characteristic of situations.”


A13. Habits Everyone Should Get Rid Of

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breakdown.”

Our habits can make, as well as, break us.

I often tell people that I would prefer to die than to be a slave. But, I’ve lately realized that I’m already a slave. I’m a slave to/of my habits. Thus, now I’m left with two options. I either have to die or stop being a slave to/of my habits.

I do not want to get rid of all of my habits. I do not want that because that would be stupid. While some of my habits are working against my good, some are actually working in the favor of my welfare. Thus, I’ve to let go some of my habits. In other words, I’ve to get rid of my bad habits.

Habits I want to get rid of:-

  1. Oversleeping

I sleep more than I should. While lack of sleep harms your body, so does excessive sleep. Also, apart from harming my health, I’ve missed numerous lectures and events because of oversleeping. I do not know when I’ll die. Thus, I do not wish to spend half of my day, and therefore half of my remaining life, in/on bed.


Picture Source: www.kickinthehead.org

  1. Staying up until late night

I’ve a habit of staying up until late in the night. I would not call it a bad habit but staying up until late is causing me more harm than good. On some days I go to bed when people in my country get out of bed. Since I’ve a schedule to follow, staying up until late ruins my schedule.


Picture Source: gifsec.com

  1. Wasting food

While many in our world do not have enough to eat, many like me waste food on a daily basis. The resources of our planet do not belong to me alone. Also, like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” Thus, I want to take only as many resources as I actually need.


Picture Source: www.treehugger.com

  1. Delaying more than I should

I’m who would try to catch a pen when it’s almost on the edge of the table instead of holding it when it starts rolling from the middle of the table. This habit of mine affects the quality of my work. Thus, I believe that it’s time to change that.


Picture Source: www.emlii.com

If I mention more than these habits, I’ll be perceived as a person who has more bad habits than good habits. To be honest, these are all the bad habits that I can remember and thus, these are the habits that I would want to get rid of for now. If you want me to get rid of any habit of mine, which is a bad habit in your opinion, please make me aware of it by commenting on this blog post. By doing so, you would help me to become a better individual.