A48. The Actual Definition of Introvert & Extrovert.

Our society is coming up with so many labels lately that it’s become difficult to keep up with them. As a result, we often confuse one label with another and sometimes, we mix the definitions of two or more labels. Sometimes, when we’re been labelled as a certain type, we limit our behaviour to that type and intentionally or unintentionally fit ourselves into the general image of that type. Also, Stereotypes often become identities of a group. Now, though stereotypes are often true, they’re not always true.

Introvert and extrovert are two of the most misunderstood labels. The stereotypical image of an introvert and an extrovert have become their identity and as a result, these stereotypical images have ended up becoming definitions of these terms.


An introvert is considered to be a person who’s shy and is not really good at small talks. Introverts are considered to be avid readers and they’re either considered to be geeks or individuals who are good at arts. Introverts are expected to be in a library or book stores or in the corner of a café. At a social gathering, an introvert is assumed to be where they’d get little or no attention.

An extrovert is considered to be confident and great at small talks. Extroverts are considered to be energetic and adventurous. Many people think that extroverts love attention. Some think that extroverts are jack of all trades, master of none. Extroverts are expected to be at social events/gatherings, pubs, and places full of people. At a social gathering, an extrovert is expected to be where he/she would get as much attention as he/she possibly could get.

Let’s keep the stereotypical images of introverts and extroverts aside for a while. An introvert likes to spend time with himself/herself; he/she prefers being alone over spending time with others. An extrovert likes to spend time with people; he/she prefers spending time with people over being alone. Everything other than this that you know about introverts and extroverts should either be forgotten or be detached from the definition of these two terms. Introverts can be confident and extroverts can be shy. An introvert can be good at small talks and an extrovert may like to read.


Now, this blog post is not merely about the actual meaning of the words introvert and extrovert. Like I said in the first paragraph of this blog post, “Sometimes, when we’re been labelled as a certain type, we limit our behaviour to that type and intentionally or unintentionally fit ourselves into the general image of that type.” I do not like to label myself as an introvert or an extrovert. I can be either of them but I’m going to be neither of the two forever. These labels may define me in a moment but they’re not going to be my permanent characteristics. Dare you call me an ambivert!

An extrovert would sometime like to be alone and spend time with himself/herself to get to know himself/herself. An introvert would have times when he/she would like being in the company of other people. Let’s not treat these labels as definite characteristics.

We humans have started putting ourselves in boxes to better understand ourselves and each other; that’s what we always do to make things comprehensible. But in the attempt of doing that, we’re limiting ourselves to certain characteristics. We’re not one thing; we’re numerous things. We’re numerous things, sometimes all at once and sometimes one thing at a time. We may be a particular label for once and we may be a particular label over and over again. What am I trying to say? Okay, let me put this in a nutshell: We’re limitless; we can be whoever we want to be.




A47. To Writer, From Paper

Dear Writer,

I know that if I’d ask you now if you still consider me your friend, you’d say “yes”. However, I wonder if you’d be lying because you do not hang out with me anymore. I’m sure that you’d tell me that you miss me but I do not see you making any attempt to reach out to me and to spend time with me.

I miss you dearly and I’ve made a few attempts to reach out to you but whenever I come to you, you ignore me and give all your attention to your new friend: the one that you now prefer over me. I’m not jealous of your new friend though because I understand that he’s just a new interest of yours like I once was.

You know, I’ve been through this numerous times already. People come to me because I’m a good listener, they tell me everything that they’ve in their mind. I do not interrupt people when they’re talking with me and I never judge them. Actually, most of the people talk at me instead of with or to me. But I allow people to open their heart to me and feel light.


I can see why you prefer your new friend over me. He can entertain you and he gives a lot of his attention to you. Excuse me for being blunt and straight but I think that your new friend is only spoiling you with all the attention that he’s showering on you. Your new friend is like caffeine or nicotine: you’re addicted to him and eventually you’ll regret being with him. You’d want to leave him for your own good but it’ll be really very difficult for you to live without him. I sound a bit jealous now, don’t I?

You know, Friendship Day is not very far. Let’s meet. You can bring your new friend with you: your gadgets.

Lots of Love.


Paper (or, as you like to call me, the dead corpse of trees!)



A46. What Should She Do?

She resides in a palace of illusions.

The crown that she wears is imaginary.


He breaks her glass walled Kingdom.

He’s extending his hand to invite her into a new world;

He’s asking her to step out of her comfort zone.

He’s calling her to a world where she shall have no identity;

Without an identity, she shall be free.


He’s inviting her to explore what she’s never explored.

A world in which her jewels shall be her scars instead of diamonds.

A world in which experiences shall be her teachers instead of books.

This world will amaze her just as much as it shall scare her.

Here, she’ll be closer to the truth than she’s ever been.


She stands there, wondering if he can be trusted.

Her’s is a world she knows and thus, it does not excite her anymore.

If she stays in her world, she shall be safe.

He looks like an adventure she’s always read about in books.

Should she hold his hand and enter an unknown territory?



PS: This is probably the worst poem that you would’ve ever read. I do not write poems. Why am I posting the poem online when I know that it’s not good? Ah, well, this is one of the few poems that I’ve ever written and thus, good or bad, I’m going to take pride in it anyway. 😉

A45. Stored in the Brain for Further Processing

“Atticus said that Jem was trying hard to forget something, but what he was really doing was storing it away for a while, until enough time passed. Then he would be able to think about it and sort things out. When he was able to think about it, Jem would be himself again.”

-To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Most writers are good observers and therefore, they do observe a good bit about human behavior. I think that the above paragraph from the book To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee says a good bit about human behavior. At least I can relate to it.


When we’re overwhelmed by an event, we find it difficult to rationally process such event and perhaps therefore we distance ourselves from such event so that it does not interfere with our day-to-day routine and we can rationally process it when the time is right. While most of us do it unknowingly, some of us do it knowingly. It probably is one of the many coping mechanisms that our mind engages in.

I find this fascinating and therefore, I’m sharing it on my blog.

PS: Even Sherlock Holmes (or, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) says that we must not come to conclusions until we’ve all the data.



A44. Who am I Becoming?

For the first time in my life, I’m unable to recognize the person that I’ve become. I feel like someone who’s seeing his reflection in a mirror after months and years! I cannot comprehend what’s happening to me. I’m not upset though. However, I’m scared and excited at the same time. I feel like I’m on a new adventure, walking on a strange road oblivious of where it’s going to lead me.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like nobody is able to understand me. But how can I expect others to understand me when I’m failing to understand myself? I’ve always been good at expressing my feelings but how can I express what I cannot even comprehend? I wonder if I should visit a psychiatrist.

I feel like I’m a cage and inside me is a being who’s trying hard to get out: to be free! I do not know who or how this being is. I can tell that he’s desperate to get out. He’s been mischievous lately. I think that he’s wild, very wild! I would let him free but is the world prepared for him? Will people around him be able to understand him? Above all, am I prepared for him and will I be able to understand him?


I know that he’s going to get out somehow; he’s eventually going to overpower me. I’m not strong enough to keep him trapped forever and he’s only getting stronger! I also know that once he’s free, he cannot be trapped again. As a matter of fact, even though I’m fighting to keep him trapped, I want him to win this fight. If he gets out, he wouldn’t only be freeing himself, he’ll free me.

Why am I fighting him? I do not know. I think that I want to give him a tough fight. Maybe I want to feel the pleasure that I shall experience when the wild being in me shall be free after a long fight with me.

What if what’s in me is actually a monster? Maybe it’s a monster. But he has to get out of me. He needs to be free. He wants to roar in the open air, he’s willing to fight for his freedom!

However, what I do know is that what’s trying to get out of me is me; monster or not a monster, wild or not actually wild, good or bad, I need to be free.



A43. Even a Healer needs Healing

As he parked his car in the parking lot of the Hospital, a crowd, which had been standing outside the entrance of the Hospital for several hours now, came rushing towards him. He stepped out of the car, with bloodstains on his white coat, and a bloody arm. He was shivering on a sunny day, sweat drenching from his forehead. An old man grabbed his bloody arm, he cried in pain but the old man ignored.

Someone in the crowd said, “Doctor, you’re here. My daughter will be saved now!”

Another voice said, “Doctor, my wife’s been sick for over a week now!”

A child pulled his shirt and said, “Doctor Uncle, my father is admitted in your hospital. Please save him.”

The voices didn’t keep quiet. He ignored them all and started to walk towards the Hospital. Everyone paved the way for him for they all wanted something from him. As he reached the entrance door of the building, a beautiful lady opened the door for him and said, “Doctor, my mother…” She started to cry and the Doctor walked ahead.

A nurse came rushing towards him and he took a sigh of relief. He thought that she’d clean his wound and eventually stitch it. He assumed that she’d relieve him of his pain, that she would heal him. As she reached near him, she said, “Doctor, everyone has been waiting for you. Please come with me to the operation theater, you need to take care of numerous patients today.”

The Doctor followed the nurse, ignoring the voices of people around him, constantly staring at his bloody arm that everyone was ignoring. As he entered the operation theatre, he attempted to tell the nurse that he was injured but she paid no attention to his words. He was handed over several tools and was expected to perform a surgery. He told himself, “Your wounds can be healed later, let’s take care of the wounds of others at this moment.” After thirty minutes, he exited the operation theatre after successfully performing a surgery. A man in his mid-thirties came rushing towards him and expressed his gratitude.

He was thirsty but he was pulled into another room where an old woman was lying on bed, waiting for medical attention. He checked her body temperature, read her pulse and prescribed her certain medicines. He was again pulled into another room where he was expected to perform another surgery. His arm kept bleeding, his pain kept increasing but he kept telling himself that he can take care of his wound after he takes care of the wounds of others.

After being pulled from one room to another for hours, he was exhausted. Every time someone touched his arm, he cried in pain but everyone ignored his pain. He was frustrated. An old man pulled him by his sleeve, attempting to take him to another room to take care of another patient. He pushed the old man away and looked angrily at everyone around me.

“I’ve been working for hours now. I need rest.”

A voice in the crowd said, “Who do you think you’re? Get down from your high horse!”

“I’m injured. I need medical attention.”

Another voice in the crowd said, “You’re so egoistic!”

“I cannot heal the wounds of others anymore until I heal my own wounds.”

Another voice in the crowd said, “You’re selfish!”


The Doctor rushed towards his cabin and locked the door of the cabin from the inside immediately after having entered the cabin. He sat down on the floor, his back against the door. People on the other side of the door kept knocking the door. Everyone abused him, judged him, and misinterpreted him. The Doctor kept sobbing, hoping that someone would knock the door to help him instead of to ask for his help.

When he got tired of the voices criticizing him, he shouted at them, “Can you not understand that sometimes, even a Healer needs healing?”

The voices on the other side of the door got quiet. The Doctor took a sigh of relief. After a minute, a voice said, “You’re only manipulating us!” and the voices resumed to criticizing him.




A42. Do I Believe in Reincarnation?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Karma Chameleon”

Soul is believed to be a form of energy. Science suggests that energy can neither be formed nor can it be destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.

I’ve never seen ghosts but I’ve heard stories of people seeing humans who are dead already. The ‘already dead humans’ aren’t seen in the human form though. If death is the end then I do not see why reincarnation is needed. However, many people believe that only bodies die, not souls. Actually, even if death is not the end, I cannot understand the purpose of reincarnation: the never-ending cycle of life and death.


Most people would like to believe that there’s something beyond life and death. I once was afraid that death is the end and that there’s nothing beyond it. However, the way I now see it, life is the start and death is the end. I’d like to believe that there’s an end.

People value money more than they value time. If time would play the role of money like it did in the movie ‘In Time’, maybe people would value time more than they value pieces of paper and metals that they refer to as money. I think that at the end of life, most people realize that all their life, they’ve spent time, not money.

In the book Paper Towns, John Green, through the character Margo Roth Spiegelman, suggests that people valued life more when the lifespan of humans was shorter than it is now. It’s more like money: when you’ve a lot of money, you do not base your life choices on money. Similarly, when you’ve a lot of time, you do not base your life choices on the time you’ve to live.


Do I believe in reincarnation? Maybe we’re only transformed from one form to another, we never actually die. However, I’m still undecided on my opinion on reincarnation. I do not want to form an opinion before I’ve all the required data to come to a conclusion and I certainly do not have enough data until now.